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Hi! I’m Veronika. Thanks for checking me out! If you’re reading my “about me” then something caught your eye or otherwise drew your attention to me! I’ve been in practice for over 10 years. I absolutely love what I do—help people through difficult times. I especially like to play a role in helping others work through the head games we all encounter.

I think often therapists have some crazy in their family and I’m no different. My childhood, while not the worst imaginable could have easily been better, much better. My teen years are not social media appropriate. And my young adulthood was bypassed entirely when I became a teen mom. I would eventually marry the wrong-for-me man and ultimately I would become a happily divorced mom of 3. While the divorce was hard the happily after was even harder. When things weren’t settling down after the divorce I had an “ah ha” moment and I decided to move. I’m a California native, born in San Francisco and had lived my entire life in Northern Ca. After a lot of work doing some hard therapy (with me as the client) I felt confident with my decision to move. Knowing virtually no one or anything about Southern Ca (for instance I didn’t know the difference between the 5 and the 805-there’s a big difference, big! ) I decided to move to San Diego and thus where my “happily after” begins. Some friends and my mom called me crazy, others called me courageous. I knew I had to do something different, make a change. I had to do what was right for me, for my kids. This is the hope I have for my clients- to help them figure out what’s right for them. To find the courage to make the changes needed to find their “happily after”.

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